Hit the Road Jack: Finding The Zodiac

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We are going to discuss the handwriting of Jack Tarrance compared to the Zodiac Killer for identification purposes, and follow Jack's life through other serial killings sprees and their communications due to his proximity.

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The mystery of the Zodiac Killer allows the media and bogus authors to write books on their false suspects. This incurs great hardships on the family members left to defend their loved ones, and
30th Sep 2022
50 minutes
The appearance of government backing regarding misinformation that is far from the truth, the probable involvement of the government in the postal aspect of these crimes, and the blatant disregard
23rd Sep 2022
50 minutes
It’s starting to appear that the media plays a huge role in what the Zodiac Killer did, and the things these other crimes were getting away with. A big diversionary tactic with no real truth to be
16th Sep 2022
52 minutes
Harriette Sucher explains what these solves mean. If you’re like me and oblivious to much of history, you may find the solves a little out of your realm. I had more questions than answers after
2nd Sep 2022
50 minutes
Continuing with Randolph Hearst media connections to this project MKZODIAC, and some of the sensationalizing of suspects. We see everyday that the news reports on suspects in cases with “yellow
26th Aug 2022
44 minutes
See what messages Jack’s and Harriette’s systems work out of these letters. These have not been attempted by Harriette until today. I have sent copies of the letters addressed to the Draftboard by
19th Aug 2022
50 minutes
Letters written to the Draftboard calling them “buurocrazy” another lash out towards establishment and politics. These letters coincidentally tie together several acts in which we are told are
12th Aug 2022
50 minutes
Other's believe the Swindle and Davis murders are the work of the Zodiac. Steve Hodel, former LAPD officer, believes it. His handwriting expert has opined the handwriting of the Lipstick Killer,
5th Aug 2022
50 minutes
A murder of teenagers in a secluded area is revisited that connects it to the Zodiac Killer, a Navy radioman and his wife killed in Zodiac style with a piece of evidence that may tie to Cheri Jo
29th Jul 2022
50 minutes
Is there a hidden message in the CJB communications and envelopes? We are going to find out what Harriette Sucher has to say about her solves and what they are saying. Joining us, Nolan Del Campo
22nd Jul 2022
50 minutes
Coming up is additional evidence found in the CJB case, additional communications, and possible additional murders tied to the CJB murder via evidence. We are basically straightening out all the lies
15th Jul 2022
49 minutes
Review newspaper clippings and additional evidence in the Cheri Jo Bates crime scene. The cross connections Los Angeles, Riverside and Bay Area made by law enforcement, and new murders that may be
8th Jul 2022
50 minutes
The murder of a college coed, Cheri Jo Bates, causes a link to the Zodiac Killer when he writes to Los Angeles, where he was once killing, to inform everyone that they had discovered his “Riverside
1st Jul 2022
49 minutes
Finishing up JFK murders and missing people of Charles Rogers and his parents. Very Lipstickess in the bisecting and leaving of body parts as seen in the Susan Degnan murder. The MO in the murders is
24th Jun 2022
51 minutes
1963 History Forgotten with Nolan Del Campo and Harriette Sucher, both of whom are educated in our Nation’s history. They join us this week with their take on 1963. Harriette has attended JFK
10th Jun 2022
51 minutes
December 3, 1963, Zodiac Killer writes a tattletale, who dunnit, letter to Dallas Police Department in the assassination of the president, John F. Kennedy. Harriette Sucher believes there is a hidden
3rd Jun 2022
50 minutes
December 3, 1963, soon to be Zodiac Killer writes a letter to Dallas Police Department calling out the mob connection to Oswald. Zodiac Jack will write a letter to Melvin Belli during the killer’s
27th May 2022
47 minutes
This week will talk about the mob aka union, big business, and politics that revolved around the John F. Kennedy Murder. Reasoning, Zodiac Jack wrote a letter days after the assassination pointing
20th May 2022
49 minutes
Murders begin in Springfield, Illinois close to the Lipstick Killing grounds, and a few other happenings of the time. 1958 Jack is purportedly working for General Electric Power Plant building
13th May 2022
49 minutes
Jack has returned from Atsugi, Japan by March of 1955, to an address in Alameda, California. I have noted that a murder always occurs in a location that Jack will conveniently have moved to within
6th May 2022
51 minutes
Jack goes to Japan when MKULTRA begins, and returns on a honorable discharge to California when MKULTRA picks up in San Francisco. This is Jack’s last stint with the military, and we no sooner see
29th Apr 2022
51 minutes
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