Relationship with Creator

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The Almighty Creator Desires a DEEP Personal Relationship with YOU
Drawing close to the Almighty Creator

Detailed discussion of what it takes to develop a DEEP Personal Relationship with the Almighty Creator whose true Name is “Yah the Eternally Self-Existing”, otherwise known as “The LORD” and “God”.

The show will share little known principles in drawing close to the Almighty such that He eventually calls you His Friend.

We will also discuss diverse topics that are necessary to living life to the standards that are necessary to have such a relationship with the Creator and overcoming issues.

Relationship With Creator is broadcast live Fridays 11am – 12Noon ET.

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What we learn at school in terms of the history of humankind, the formation of the Earth, the origin of humans, animals, plants, this planet, this universe, etc is at best confused and at worst
9th Sep 2022
50 minutes
This is probably the most challenging and most important message I have ever written. I am still grappling with what I believe I have been shown but it seems timeous to share this now. Please read
19th Aug 2022
50 minutes
There is a lot of confusion regarding sin and the Commandments including a lot of debate in the USA at present which is relevant to this discussion.We discuss the correct interpretation of each of
30th Jul 2022
49 minutes
There is considerable debate regarding Creation versus Evolution and erudite broadcasts that present the arguments for and against in detail but generally using points that are difficult to
15th Jul 2022
49 minutes
Sex is powerful beautiful and a vital component of being human PROVIDED it is engaged in as part of a life-time covenant relatioship.Sex is little understood and widely maligned amongst Believers in
2nd Jul 2022
50 minutes
The Bible is the most widely distributed book in all of history with the estimated volume printed being in excess of 5 billion copies as of 1995 translated into over 349 languages. Notwithstanding
18th Jun 2022
49 minutes
Most people pray a very limited repertoire of prayers, this broadcast continues my teaching on different prayers that can be prayed under different circumstances together with an explanation of the
11th Jun 2022
49 minutes
This broadcast continues to look at the essence of my message concerning prayerWe start by revisiting the MOST Important Prayer regarding judgment We then look at Deception and becoming a Friend of
4th Jun 2022
49 minutes
This broadcast looks at the essence of my message concerning prayerWe start by looking at important principles starting with the right heart attitude and wordsWe are then enjoined to avoid
27th May 2022
50 minutes
This broadcast looks at the essence of my message concerning Yahooshua, incorrectly called JesusIt points out that his name is Yahooshua and NOT JesusIt is stressed that Yahooshua is the most
26th May 2022
50 minutes
This broadcast continues from last week – refer to the webpage of this name on the website and the recording on the websiteIt is noted
13th May 2022
50 minutes
This broadcast states that we exist to be Friends of the CreatorIt is stressed that Jesus was a Jew and the Birth of Yahooshua is outlinedWe look at correction of some names starting with Yah the
7th May 2022
51 minutes
This broadcast examines the reality that Names DO Matter – particularly Yah and YahooshuaWe then look at the TRUE Names of the Almighty in the bible We note that Father Yah has said “If you love me
26th Apr 2022
51 minutes
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