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The Pet Health Cafe gives you cutting edge information on your pets' health & well-being!

To give pet owners natural options for their pet care other than expensive, conventional veterinary care.

The Pet Health Cafe is an educational site offering LIVE WEB RADIO programs on Holistic health and welfare of your beloved pets and yourself. Dr. Diane, DVM, MS. MPH, and Bill Piechocki, "the Pet Health Guru", a nutritional and animal care specialist with over 40 years of experience, bring naturapathic approaches to keeping your pets happy and healthy. The show is heard world wide with friends in Europe, North & South America & the Middle East.

Health, care, and insight for your pets, your family and yourself!!!

Pet Health Cafe' Radio Show is broadcast live at Wednesday's 8PM ET on W4HC - Health Cafe Live Network ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting ( Copyright Talk 4 Podcasting
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Are the animal proteins you eat the best nutritionally? Does the way your food raised make a difference in the nutrition and flavor? Jan Costa explains the detail as to how Florida Fresh Meats differ
22nd Oct 2021
51 minutes
From his story how he started Florida Fresh Meats to all the sustainable methods of keeping our foods local and clean. The nutritionally rich foods they produce & how BioComplete and My Paleo Pet
15th Oct 2021
52 minutes
Breaking down the Medical System why your pet is "sick" and why you are spending so much on veterinarian care for thing that were not a problem 20 - 40 years ago. We explain what is causes and what
8th Oct 2021
50 minutes
Holistic is a life style commitment that not only involves species appropriate foods but also all the inter- related synergies that are activated by our choices. If you are looking for a holistic
27th Aug 2021
51 minutes
We have all been challenged by the new covid numbers ... How do we save ourselves ... we have answers & solutions to how to beat this & be healthy ... we don't get well overnight but only over time
19th Aug 2021
51 minutes
Are symptoms bad or good? Are they lasting or fleeting? It's just the body responding to a specific point in time and a specific condition. We break it down as to what to look for and what it means.
29th Jul 2021
50 minutes
Why does my pet have an ear problem the wild wolves never have ??? We tell you here ... causes & solutions ...

Pet Health Cafe Radio Show is broadcast live at 8pm ET Wednesdays on W4HC -
15th Jul 2021
51 minutes
How will your pet be treated post pandemic? More testing? More vaccines? Accelerated check-ups? Real food shortages?
Natural diets and health approaches will become necessary just to reduce the
10th Jul 2021
51 minutes
Are you really sick because you (your pet) caught something from someone else? Or was it that they've been exposed to not pathogens but to toxins that produce group type symptoms? Listen in & share
9th Jul 2021
48 minutes
This show tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about urinary issues. The causes and the how is here. If you have these concerns or occurrences, contact myself or Dr Dym early so we can stop the
24th Jun 2021
51 minutes
Has your pet ever had a seizure? Do yo know the different types & how they show symptoms. Have you ever been under anesthesia? Do you know how this effect your neurotransmitters? OMG .... tune in to
17th Jun 2021
51 minutes
ALLERGIES... We connect the dots between the health of your pets and your family. Toxins, energy, nutrition, environment and stress all contribute and we can offer a map to health. So much in the
10th Jun 2021
50 minutes
Do You feed a pet food to your pets or real food? Do you want your pet to be healthy? Are grains a real food for carnivores like dogs and cats? Why are major pet foods always changing and removing
4th Jun 2021
51 minutes
Are vaccines the answer? Are there healthier alternatives available? What preventative methods can we do to keep our pets safe from disease? Does nutrition really make a difference? Dr Dym sheds
20th May 2021
50 minutes
Our number one prevention for Cancer is a clean, natural healthy lifestyle. For our dogs and cats that begins with fresh pet foods and raw foods for pets. The next step is to avoid the toxins that
13th May 2021
51 minutes
The latest, greatest information on HOW you can be MORE DANGEROUS after vaccines, which is true with your pets as well. Did you know if you took your dog to the dog park and another pet just had
6th May 2021
50 minutes
A fascinating interview with an energy healer and a animal communicator. We talk about the healing power of energy and we take a look at that. What if your pet could tell you what is challenging
19th Mar 2021
51 minutes
Dr Patrician Jordan on the effects of Electromagnetic %G ... The only person I trust .. I was shut dow for the first half of the show by...??? WOW still a ton of of info ... flood this web ...
19th Feb 2021
51 minutes
So the food company says meets AFFCO nutritional standards but are their standards looking out for your pets health or for the interests of big business and are the compliant with the FDA food
11th Feb 2021
51 minutes
Is cancer a manifestation of the allergy syndrome? Are allergies reversible? Are allergy symptoms actually part of detox? Can energy and frequency cause allergic events? We have answers on the
4th Feb 2021
50 minutes
All living things have an immune system and when that system is dis-regulated, we see dis-function of the body which causes dis-ease. Everything that enters the body affects the immune system ... our
14th Jan 2021
50 minutes
Do you have concerns about vaccines? Dangers, side effects, work or don't work, fear or safety??? We break it down in a calm, evidence based analysis of what to weigh when making decisions ... real
7th Jan 2021
51 minutes
Superfoods are not supplements or stand alone foods but are a critical part of a complete balancing nutritional entree to and overall diet. We understand what the allopathic approach to health
18th Dec 2020
51 minutes
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