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We are here to give pet owners natural health options for their pet care other than expensive, conventional veterinary treatments.

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Why do we NEED to supplement what should be a healthy real food diet? The truth about the supplement industry and the challenges of balancing the right nutrients are discussed in depth. How do do
29th Sep 2022
51 minutes
What is the Wholistic Approach? What health path do you follow? When do you need medical care? How do you plan your own health plan? We map what you need to decide how to do it. There are answers in
22nd Sep 2022
53 minutes
Did you know that you can prevent most dental with a few simple changes in your pets' life style? We have answers on this show! It is so simple and ends many of the high veterinary costs that face
15th Sep 2022
51 minutes
Were these pets dead because of a single meal of moldy kibble or was it the toxic load these pets had because of vax's, med's preventives, & processed diets that are claimed to solve these problems.
1st Sep 2022
52 minutes
Did you know that your pets behavior are affected foods, overall health, physical challenges and so much more. These behaviors are affected by a combination of emotional, chemical and physical
15th Aug 2022
52 minutes
Bill The Pet Health Guru, Doctor Dym, and Brad Till venture the the amazing power of energy and how it can be the driving force in health, healing and repairing the body. We explore energy therapies
29th Jul 2022
52 minutes
CBD and other Botanicals become more mainstream for healing and maintaining health, we will provide you with the "what will work , how it works and the results you and your pets can expect. The truth
23rd Jun 2022
52 minutes
Are you aware of all the stresses your pet experiences in the summer months? How does your your vacationing and life style changes impact them? How does preparing for travel or boarding impact their
16th Jun 2022
53 minutes
We explore in depth how the body cleanses, detoxifies, heals and regenerates itself inspite of the toxic chemical assault it is under today. According to #DRDYM " bandaids don't fix the issues. The
9th Jun 2022
49 minutes
This segment describes the basic tenets of the practice of homeopathic remedies and treatments in healing the body. The life force energies involved and even the advantages over conventional pharma
26th May 2022
52 minutes
Are the animal proteins you eat the best nutritionally? Does the way your food raised make a difference in the nutrition and flavor? Jan Costa explains the detail as to how Florida Fresh Meats differ
22nd Oct 2021
51 minutes
From his story how he started Florida Fresh Meats to all the sustainable methods of keeping our foods local and clean. The nutritionally rich foods they produce & how BioComplete and My Paleo Pet
15th Oct 2021
52 minutes
Breaking down the Medical System why your pet is "sick" and why you are spending so much on veterinarian care for thing that were not a problem 20 - 40 years ago. We explain what is causes and what
8th Oct 2021
50 minutes
Holistic is a life style commitment that not only involves species appropriate foods but also all the inter- related synergies that are activated by our choices. If you are looking for a holistic
27th Aug 2021
51 minutes
We have all been challenged by the new covid numbers ... How do we save ourselves ... we have answers & solutions to how to beat this & be healthy ... we don't get well overnight but only over time
19th Aug 2021
51 minutes
Are symptoms bad or good? Are they lasting or fleeting? It's just the body responding to a specific point in time and a specific condition. We break it down as to what to look for and what it means.
29th Jul 2021
50 minutes
Why does my pet have an ear problem the wild wolves never have ??? We tell you here ... causes & solutions ...Pet Health Cafe Radio Show is broadcast live at 8pm ET Wednesdays on W4HC - Health Cafe
15th Jul 2021
51 minutes
How will your pet be treated post pandemic? More testing? More vaccines? Accelerated check-ups? Real food shortages?Natural diets and health approaches will become necessary just to reduce the cost
10th Jul 2021
51 minutes
Are you really sick because you (your pet) caught something from someone else? Or was it that they've been exposed to not pathogens but to toxins that produce group type symptoms? Listen in & share
9th Jul 2021
48 minutes
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