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I will be discussing, some detailed aspects of camping that are often overlooked. Topics of discussion will include the various methods/types of camping and specific equipment used for each, clothing, how to deal with rain and wind, types of food, preparation, cooking and storage thereof, the camp kitchen, wild animals in camp, and more!

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NRS Marketing Tech Danny Mongno, joins C.W. for an in-depth interview to talk about his life as a 30+ year veteran Marketing Tech, life on the road, working with NRS, and maintaining an active status
18th May 2022
49 minutes
We salute outdoor adventure broadcasters, Dennis “Canoehound” Rogers, Kevin “Happy Camper” Callan, and Johnny & Colleen “Kuehl-Quest” Kuehl, in this episode, as we talk with them about how each of
11th May 2022
48 minutes
If you’re someone who believes that a vacation should be more than just lying on the beach, this episode is for you. C.W. and Canadian Co-host, Jeanelle Morrissette experience adventure vacationing
4th May 2022
32 minutes
50-year-old, West Virginia Environmental Biologist, White-Water Rafting Guide, and ski resort Sales Manager, Allyson Wyatt, reveals some shocking impacts on the environment that adventurers
27th Apr 2022
50 minutes
Entrepreneurs, Jules Weldon and Stace Pierce have created a one-of-a kind product for camping, going to the beach, family outings and much more! “The Wanderer” is an amazingly versatile product that
13th Apr 2022
43 minutes
Ellen Falterman, more affectionately known as “Ellen Magellan,” will embark on an epic adventure that involves more than 40,000 miles of rowing around the world, in an ocean rowboat. The trip is
6th Apr 2022
47 minutes
President and CEO of Minnesota based, Duluth Pack (manufacturer of high-quality canvas and leather packs, bags, travel, business and outdoor gear), Tom Sega, transitioned the 140-year-old company
1st Apr 2022
49 minutes
Garrett Conover is perhaps best known as the co-founder of North Woods Ways, the classically resonant canoe and snowshoe guiding service leading wilderness trips in Maine, Quebec, and Labrador from
25th Mar 2022
48 minutes
John Wright from The Katadyn Group joins us to discusses the importance of having the right type of foods for adventuring. We’ll talk about types of food, ingredients, nutritional value and taste,
18th Mar 2022
47 minutes
Thirty-seven-year-old, Licensed Massage Therapist, Jessi Mini, shares how nature ties into every aspect of our well-being and existence. She also discusses how the cycles in nature affect those of
11th Mar 2022
44 minutes
Mark Koep, describes how his company’s comprehensive web-based service, provides campers access to innovative tools that enable anyone to easily locate, virtually tour and book a
3rd Mar 2022
46 minutes
31-year-old, native Alaskan adventurer, artist, and social media content creator, Chevy Horval, along with her husband, Andrew, own and operate short and long-term rental housing in Ketchikan,
23rd Feb 2022
43 minutes
64-year-old, retired Commercial Airline Pilot from Ontario, Canada, Dave Hadfield, has been adventuring through Canada’s remote Northern forests since the early 1980s, specializing in trips into the
16th Feb 2022
48 minutes
Inventor of the Littlbug Stove, Outdoor Adventurer, and CEO of Littlbug Enterprises Inc., Kent Hering, along with Superior Effect Marketing CEO, Summer Nitsch, discuss how and why the Littlebug stick
11th Feb 2022
49 minutes
57-year-old Moose Mutlow, a Professional Search & Rescue Technician with years of service throughout the world (currently at Yosemite National Park Systems), former SAR trainer, Author, and Senior
7th Feb 2022
43 minutes
Professional Podcaster, and seasoned #Outdoor #Adventurer , Marshall Mosher, has interviewed some of the most prestigious names worldwide in the #outdoors industry. Marshall joins C.W. to share some
29th Jan 2022
49 minutes
St. Louis, Missouri Dietitian, personal trainer, wellness coach and professional singer, Laka Huyette (Hewitt), joins C.W. to discuss proper nutrition for adventuring. Laka graduated from the
21st Jan 2022
41 minutes
Foresters, Authors, and seasoned outdoor adventurers, Kevin Callan & Kevin Ride, each share their tips regarding food dehydration, packing and meal preparation for adventuring, along with a few of
17th Jan 2022
49 minutes
John Wright from Katadyn Group, discusses the proper means to purify water for adventuring. We’ll talk about what elements filtering removes, and what filtering cannot remove. John will also explain
6th Jan 2022
47 minutes
Foresters, Authors, and seasoned outdoor adventurers, Kevin Callan & Kevin Ride, discuss the pros & cons of cooking over a campfire vs cooking on a camp stove, wood species selection, carbon
30th Dec 2021
46 minutes
Arizona couple, Taylor Cluster and Scott Johnson, left behind a typical lifestyle for the opportunity to become full-time travelers. Scott, an entrepreneur, and Taylor, an author, enjoy their
26th Dec 2021
43 minutes
Chris Rath, President & CEO of Nova Craft Canoe shares with Willow & C.W., how hull design and materials make a huge difference in performance and value. Chris also explains the features and benefits
16th Dec 2021
37 minutes
Mark Koep, explains how his company’s comprehensive web-based service, provides campers who utilize US campgrounds, the innovative tools that will enable them to find, virtually
10th Dec 2021
47 minutes
22-year-old, professional photographer and seasoned solo female backpacker from Duluth Minnesota, Ce Ce Boyle, shares highlights and stories from her recent through-hike on the Superior Hiking Trail.
5th Dec 2021
46 minutes
Wilderness experts, veteran foresters, authors, public speakers, and teachers, Kevin Callan, and Cliff Jacobson, each share their tricks, tips and recommendations for dehydrating, packing, and
30th Nov 2021
54 minutes
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