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I will be discussing, some detailed aspects of camping that are often overlooked. Topics of discussion will include the various methods/types of camping and specific equipment used for each, clothing, how to deal with rain and wind, types of food, preparation, cooking and storage thereof, the camp kitchen, wild animals in camp, and more!

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Internationally recognized clinician, keynote speaker, riding instructor, and author of the best-selling book "The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping," Robert "the TrailMeister" owns and operates
6th Oct 2022
52 minutes
Kuehl Kids and cohosts of the hit show “Outdoor Couples” Jonny & Collen Kuehl, give us an overview of the many summer adventures they had this summer. They’ll also give us a sneak peek about the
29th Sep 2022
50 minutes
World famous recording and performing artists, songwriters, and outdoor adventurers, Jerry Vandiver and Caitlin Evanson give us an exclusive sneak peak of their upcoming release, as well as a recap
22nd Sep 2022
47 minutes
We catch up with Camper Christina for an update about her summer adventures and latest video series releases.The Camping Show is broadcast live Wednesdays at 6PM ET.The Camping Show TV Show is viewed
15th Sep 2022
49 minutes
Nicole Casino introduces a first of its kind, luxury campgrounds. “Gait Resorts” is located in McIntosh County, Georgia. It’s Glamping like nothing you’ve ever seen!The Camping Show is broadcast live
1st Sep 2022
44 minutes
40-year-old, Arkansas adventure enthusiast, traveler, and photographer, Allison Surf, talks about her scientific research on various reptiles in the wild. She also shares stories of the exotic
25th Aug 2022
45 minutes
Professional fitness coach and windsurfer, Svetlana Writtle, explains how she became involved in windsurfing and her passion for the sport. Svetlana also explains the different styles of windsurfing,
18th Aug 2022
49 minutes
Emily Jackson of Jackson Kayak joins us to share her experience growing up in a family of superstar athletes, being a 3-time Freestyle Kayak World Champion, serving as Brand Manager for Jackson
11th Aug 2022
50 minutes
Cliff Jacobson joins us to discuss the things that matter when selecting a crew for wilderness trips. There’s more to consider than you might think.The Camping Show is broadcast live Wednesdays at
4th Aug 2022
48 minutes
In this episode, we take a trip to beautiful Sau Paulo, Brazil, for a weekend climbing adventure with Mayara Marzochi, a 29-year-old Marketing expert, who spends her weekends climbing some of
31st Jul 2022
42 minutes
Outfitting Manager Drew Brockett from Piragis Outfitters Northwood Company in Ely Minnesota gives us an update on the BCWA what's new at the outfitters this summer and things to consider when booking
21st Jul 2022
49 minutes
Kevin Callan joins us for an update on his summer trips, his latest adventures (on and off the trail) and his remaining summer plans. Kevin also recently released a memoir, which as he explains, was
14th Jul 2022
49 minutes
Dennis “Canoehound” Rogers hosts a live broadcast in Ontario, Canada, called “Canoehound’s Outdoor Adventure Show.” The show features industry experts and celebrities, educating, informing, and
7th Jul 2022
50 minutes
Each year in the Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois there is an event held on the Mississippi River called “Floatzilla” which sees more than 1,000 paddlers. The event is hosted by the organization “River
30th Jun 2022
49 minutes
We talk with SUP professionals, Dave Boehne from Infinity SUP, and Danny Mongno of NRS, about various designs, function & features of various models, varying styles with regard to regions, history of
24th Jun 2022
54 minutes
62-year-old, John Soares, first developed his love of dispersed camping on a month-long road trip across the United States after finishing his master’s degree in political science at the University
15th Jun 2022
47 minutes
Nick Gordon is the owner and lead guide at the Wisconsin-based company, NOW Outdoors, where he leads trips on land and water in the Midwest and abroad. Nick also operates the largest outdoor Meetup
9th Jun 2022
48 minutes
Mark Koep, describes how his company’s comprehensive web-based service, provides campers access to innovative tools that enable anyone to easily locate, virtually tour, and book,
1st Jun 2022
47 minutes
In lieu of a technical situation which prevented this evening's scheduled guest from appearing on the show, co-hosts, Bianca & C.W. along with Producer/Engineer Roxy, have a fun on-air Chat about
26th May 2022
32 minutes
NRS Marketing Tech Danny Mongno, joins C.W. for an in-depth interview to talk about his life as a 30+ year veteran Marketing Tech, life on the road, working with NRS, and maintaining an active status
18th May 2022
49 minutes
We salute outdoor adventure broadcasters, Dennis “Canoehound” Rogers, Kevin “Happy Camper” Callan, and Johnny & Colleen “Kuehl-Quest” Kuehl, in this episode, as we talk with them about how each of
11th May 2022
48 minutes
If you’re someone who believes that a vacation should be more than just lying on the beach, this episode is for you. C.W. and Canadian Co-host, Jeanelle Morrissette experience adventure vacationing
4th May 2022
32 minutes
50-year-old, West Virginia Environmental Biologist, White-Water Rafting Guide, and ski resort Sales Manager, Allyson Wyatt, reveals some shocking impacts on the environment that adventurers
27th Apr 2022
50 minutes
Entrepreneurs, Jules Weldon and Stace Pierce have created a one-of-a kind product for camping, going to the beach, family outings and much more! “The Wanderer” is an amazingly versatile product that
13th Apr 2022
43 minutes
Ellen Falterman, more affectionately known as “Ellen Magellan,” will embark on an epic adventure that involves more than 40,000 miles of rowing around the world, in an ocean rowboat. The trip is
6th Apr 2022
47 minutes
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