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The dynamic duo of Dr. Lise Alschuler and Karolyn Gazella add their voices to the chorus of integrative healthcare leaders—along with people like Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Andrew Weil. This lively duo features a naturopathic oncologist and a research journalist who are both cancer survivors. They will separate fact from fiction while inspiring and motivating you towards a vibrantly healthy life. You will be informed, entertained and uplifted as they describe their five key strategies to vital living: diet, movement, dietary supplements, rejuvenation, and spirit. Learn how you can literally transform your internal landscape away from disease and towards health by using the practical concepts in the Five to Thrive Plan. Tune in live every Tuesday and Thursday on the Cancer Support Network at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET or listen to their weekly podcasts and Daily Pulse Thrive Thoughts on I Heart Radio Talk.

Five To Thrive Live Radio Show is broadcast live at Tuesday's at 7PM ET on W4CS – The Cancer Support Network ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting ( Copyright Talk 4 Radio
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Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with geriatrician and best-selling author, Dr. Louise Aronson, as she uncovers a pervasive form of discrimination in healthcare – ageism. Dr. Aronson will explain how
25th May 2022
30 minutes
On this show, leptin researcher and expert Kat James explains what leptin is and how we can impact leptin levels through diet. Kat is a true pioneer in this area and has used the scientific
17th May 2022
45 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with pulmonologist and mindfulness teacher, Dr. Ni-Cheng Liang. This episode will explore the importance of lung health to our overall health. We will discuss the the
10th May 2022
38 minutes
We are each a work in progress, especially when it comes to building our health. In this episode of Five to Thrive Live!, hosts Karolyn Gazella and Lise Alschuler will explore what they understand
26th Apr 2022
29 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with naturopathic doctor Mark Bricca. Dr. Bricca will share strategies that he has developed for helping people to address with their fear of dying. He will describe
23rd Apr 2022
30 minutes
There are many misconceptions about fever and how it works with the immune system. On this show, Karolyn talks to Dr. Gurdev Parmar who is a naturopathic oncologist and expert on immunity. Dr.
8th Apr 2022
30 minutes
Keeping the brain firing on all cylinders can be challenging. On this show, Karolyn talks with Dr. Danielle Citrolo about the variety of things we can do to enhance brain health including memory,
31st Mar 2022
29 minutes
There is power in being positive and grateful. On this episode Karolyn talks with colon cancer survivor and author Bunny Terry about how gratitude and positivity were indispensable tools in her
25th Mar 2022
30 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with integrative gynecologic oncologist, Diljeet Singh. Ovarian cancer is a challenging diagnosis, not only due to the nature of ovarian cancer itself, but, also due
16th Mar 2022
30 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with award-winning physician, Felice Gersh, who is board certified in OB-GYN and in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Gersh will give us a deeper understanding of why
9th Mar 2022
31 minutes
There is a significant connection between the gut, brain, and the health of our skin. On this show, award-winning nutrition author Kat James joins Karolyn to talk about this interesting connection,
3rd Mar 2022
29 minutes
Mushrooms are not just a tasty culinary food ingredient, some mushrooms also have healing powers. On this show, naturopathic oncologist Dr. Michael Traub describes the different types of medicinal
25th Feb 2022
30 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with nephrologist Dr. Gurleen Kaur, as we discuss salt. Our bodies need salt, but what happens when we eat too much salt? How much is too much? What type of salt is
16th Feb 2022
30 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with Dr. Hani Chaabo, as we discuss the importance of community and connectedness in health and well-being. We will discover how marginalization and isolation
14th Feb 2022
30 minutes
On this episode, Karolyn will talk with couples counseling expert Carol MacHendrie about infusing more long-lasting love and security into our personal relationship. Carol brings her 40 years of
4th Feb 2022
26 minutes
Today’s show is on the topic of dizziness and tinnitus and how neuroplasticity can be the key to relieving these conditions.With guest, vestibular audiologist, Joey Remenyi, discover the fascinating
19th Jan 2022
29 minutes
On this show, Karolyn interviews world-renowned mental health expert James Greenblatt, MD, about an integrative treatment approach to depression. Dr. Greenblatt is a best-selling author and the
14th Jan 2022
30 minutes
Chemotherapy is lifesaving but in some cases, it can also cause some pretty significant side effects. On this episode, Karolyn talks with naturopathic oncologist Dr. Tina Kaczor about how to help
6th Jan 2022
31 minutes
Dietary supplements are an important part of the wellness plan for many people. But quality can vary dramatically. On this show, Karolyn talks with integrative health and dietary supplement expert
17th Dec 2021
30 minutes
Join us on Five to Thrive Live! with Greg Hammer, MD, Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, Best-Selling Author, and Mindfulness Expert. Today’s show is on the topic of intentional
8th Dec 2021
30 minutes
On this episode, Karolyn talks with radiation oncologist Dr. Matt Mumber to get an update on the latest advances with radiation treatment. Dr. Mumber will also describe the potential side effects of
3rd Dec 2021
31 minutes
This fast-paced, noisy, often stressful world can make it difficult to embrace the healing power of silence. On this episode, clinical psychologist and educator Dr. Frederic Craigie will explain why
18th Nov 2021
29 minutes
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