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Settle down with a glass or mug of your favorite libation for your personal “Empower Hour.”
Motivational muse and health coach Melanie Young, author of Fearless Fabulous You!
Lessons on Living Life on Your Terms and Getting Things Off My Chest, brings you insights,
advice, and inspiration. Hear from dynamic women who are transforming lives by taking action
and experts in health, wellness and nutrition to help you take charge of your destiny.
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Lisa’s Weldon’s world collapsed the year she turned 58. Her 25-year marriage ended; her home fell into foreclosure; her last child left the nest; her advertising career had gone stagnant. Ready for a
18th May 2022
53 minutes
A wife, mother and educator, Lyn Barrett's life was derailed by a family crisis that triggered her inner world to crumble. Diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) (multiple personality
12th May 2022
53 minutes
Growing up in a family of surgeons, Daphne Oz understood the importance of healthy eating. After battling weight gain while attending Princeton Univ. she wrote the nationally bestseller “The Dorm
22nd Apr 2022
54 minutes
Dreaming of a Trip to Provence? La Pitchoune in the South of France was the vacation home of Julia Child, TV cooking show host and author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking (and many other books)
13th Apr 2022
53 minutes
The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes recognizes 25 inspiring young leaders who have made a positive impact on people, communities and the environment. After her mother was diagnosed with breast
6th Apr 2022
48 minutes
Mary Taylor says she "paid her dues" working throughout the wholesale, retail and auction sides of the wine industry before starting her import company, Mary Taylor Wine. Armed with an MBA to fine
28th Mar 2022
52 minutes
Maureen Downey, DWS, CWE, Founder of Chai Consulting and WineFraud.com, is a rare and fine wine authenticator and global expert on wine counterfeiting. Downey explains how counterfeiting hurts
17th Mar 2022
43 minutes
The day my beloved grandmother, Rose, died suddenly from cardiac arrest changed my life, says Fearless Fabulous You Host Melanie Young. It's important to know your family medical history for
23rd Feb 2022
35 minutes
Called “the poet laureate of the wok,” Grace Young shares her time-tested expertise on purchasing, seasoning and preparing healthy meals with a wok- an original one-pan wonder! Author of Stir-Frying
9th Feb 2022
53 minutes
"Can I pick your brain?" How many times has someone asked you this? Do you respond "Yes" because you want to help or just to be nice? How do you feel about it? Giving free advice is nice if you want
27th Jan 2022
52 minutes
Fiber is essential to your overall health; yet less than 5% of Americans get the recommended amount of fiber each day. Fiber has many benefits starting with your gut health; lack of fiber can lead to
6th Jan 2022
52 minutes
Nothing beats a glass of sparkling to brighten any day or meal. Certified Sommelier Marika Vida, a.k.a. The MomSomm, and Fearless Fabulous You Host Melanie Young discuss sparkling wines around the
30th Dec 2021
54 minutes
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