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How we can achieve a lifestyle we desire through personal development and well as business and healthcare practice best practices to create a cash flow and the freedom to do the things we want to do, when we want to do them. Family, personal, humanitarian.

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Anxiety is a common emotional experience that probably around 30% of the population experience to one degree or another.
I am very excited to have an expert on anxiety, the causes, the symptoms
27th Jun 2022
52 minutes
Neuroscience has evolved into approaches that can radically change people's lives.
I am pleased to have Dr. Joan Rosenberg on the show. Joan is a globally acclaimed speaker and expert on
23rd Jun 2022
51 minutes
Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate" - Carl Jung
How often do we become aware enough to recognize that we are not experiencing the life
9th May 2022
47 minutes
The Gif of Shift.
We all have endured some of life’s brutal blows. And we have gifts within ourselves to including the most important, the gift of choice, to respond to the challenges.
21st Mar 2022
49 minutes
I am pleased to have Christy Whitman on the show. Christy is is a New York Times bestselling author and transformational leader.
Christy will talk about how to release those blocks, fears and
14th Mar 2022
49 minutes
"Our own actions both individually and collectively determine the world in which we live." Mark Lewis
Culture, a word that can describe the environment of our work place, home and society. And
31st Jan 2022
47 minutes
"A Slayer is a person who strives to overcome any obstacle wit integrity, love, and compassion. One who is willing to recognize the multiple dimensions we all share through self-acceptance, personal
24th Jan 2022
47 minutes
Discord. We all experience it our lives personally, in relationships, and often as parents with our children.
How do we navigate the ups and downs in life and use them in a positive way to build
3rd Jan 2022
51 minutes
Life on Pause. We all experience pauses in our life direction that we did not expect and often wish we didn't have to experience. The question is how to we respond, and if a negative pause, how can
27th Dec 2021
41 minutes
Healthy living. That goes way beyond just what we eat. We deserve to live a healthy life physically, emotionally, etc.
I am pleased to have Peggy Sealfon on the show. She is a personal
15th Nov 2021
50 minutes
Anxiety. One of the most common and yet most difficult issues to deal with in our lives or the lives of our loved ones.
I am pleased to have Elke Scholz on the show. Elke Scholz, MA, RP, REACE,
20th Sep 2021
51 minutes
Nearly 1-4 children are overweight or have obesity. It is putting our children at risk for poor health which will only compound as they reach adulthood.
I am really pleased to have Susan Neal on
14th Jul 2021
44 minutes
Discord. We all experience it our lives personally, in relationships, and often as parents with our children.
How do we navigate the ups and downs in life and use them in a positive way to build
3rd Jul 2021
51 minutes
"Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all" - Helen Keller.
How can we re-ignite our human spirit and live a life of possibilities and adventure?
I am happy to have Clinton Young on the
23rd Jun 2021
51 minutes
How do we, as parents, instill resilience, connectedness, independence and a sense of adventure in our children.
I am pleased to have Chris and Holly Santillo on the show. They have had some
16th Jun 2021
48 minutes
Life! It has it's ups and downs and often we feel the effect of it more fully than we wish.
And yet we have the power to begin to experience life in a yet-to-be manner what brings about peace,
9th Jun 2021
48 minutes
Stress. We all experience to some degree or another. And when it gets deep and difficult, it is sometimes tough to understand how to help ourselves, or others.
I am pleased to have Fran Graham
4th Jun 2021
51 minutes
Synchronicity - "the coincidental occurrence of events...that seem related but are not explained by conventional mechanisms of causality"... Carl Jung
How many of us experience those events, and
1st Jun 2021
42 minutes
There is so much focus on doing, "do this, do that." And yet the only time we will really experience a heartfelt and life lasting change is when we can focus on "Be You".
I am excited to have
28th May 2021
49 minutes
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