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WINNING Business Radio, hosted by Kevin Hallinan, is a live, weekly broadcast featuring interviews with business owners, executives, advisors and authors who are experts in their fields. We discuss topics including legal, accounting, finance, staffing, sales, marketing, leadership, strategy and more. Our goal is to provide listeners with proven advice and insights, and to help them avoid the mistakes of others. As Churchill said, “Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it.”

Winning Business Radio Radio Show is broadcast live at Monday's at 4PM ET on W4CY Radio ( part of Talk 4 Radio ( on the Talk 4 Media Network ( This podcast is also available on Talk 4 Podcasting ( Copyright Talk 4 Radio
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Matt McGinty serves as Chief Revenue Officer of IntelyCare where he leads sales, customer success, provider support and recruiting. Prior to joining IntelyCare, Matt served as a senior executive at
3rd May 2022
44 minutes
Amy M. Gardner brings years of experience as an attorney, as well as a unique experience as dean of students at a top 5 law school to Apochromatik, a coaching and consulting firm she co-founded with
1st Mar 2022
49 minutes
Dean K. Piper, owner/founder of Talk 4 Media & Pipeman Productions - an International Radio Personality & Podcaster, Master Marketer, Publicist, Promoter, Published Author, Speaker, Coach, and
11th Nov 2021
48 minutes
Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore has been practicing law for 25+ years, is a mom, and while helping her son saw the lack of professional college planning. Her law practice focuses on bankruptcy, real estate
21st Oct 2021
47 minutes
John Corcoran's Rinn Advisors helps business owners and non-profit organizations reduce costs. While businesses typically focus on sales and growth, cost reduction takes less effort, and provides a
29th Sep 2021
49 minutes
Erin Fontana, a partner in the law firm of Warren & Fontana, LLC, focuses on the practices of Estate Planning, Probate Administration, and Long-Term Care Planning.

Erin works closely with
16th Sep 2021
52 minutes
Cindy Cushman, Owner of HR2Fit, was founded in 2017 on the principal of presenting businesses with a local, and in-person option for detailed HR support, including a customer service platform
16th Sep 2021
51 minutes
Judy Dang is a productivity expert who helps consultants and executives reach the finish line on blobby projects. Instead of starting 57 ideas and never finishing them, she coaches her clients to cut
17th Aug 2021
51 minutes
Suzanne Schultz has grown Canvas Fine Arts from a small gallery in Acton, MA to a player on the world stage representing well over a hundred visual artists. With art having been exhibited locally and
23rd Jun 2021
51 minutes
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