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Do you want TO HELP CREATE a world where people are passionate about their work, INSPIRATIONAL LEADERSHIP HELP team members REALIZE THEIR GREATNESS, and capitalism thrives while serving the highest causes? Me, too. The Working on Purpose program is a thought leadership engine that ENLIGHTENS AND INSPIRES listeners with insights from ELITE business leaders and novel subject matter experts. Together, we’re WORKING ON PURPOSE TO STEWARD the future of work and BUSINESS to elevate us all.

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There is an undeniable shift toward higher consciousness in business and the workplace. Meaning and purpose are considered requisite to engage the hearts and minds of team members while attracting
25th May 2022
51 minutes
According to Professor Lynda Gratton, a world-renowned thought leader on the future of work, “We are experiencing what is undoubtedly the greatest global shift in work for a century.” How do we make
24th May 2022
51 minutes
Followers crave knowing their leaders as authentic beings, to know their values and what they stand for. Yet the business of leadership is incredibly demanding, arguably more so in these pandemic
23rd May 2022
49 minutes
Developing your ability to lead effectively in a remote or hybrid environment has become a whole new game. Learning to be an effective leader in this demanding environment requires you to be agile
14th Apr 2022
49 minutes
As close to 40 percent of employees returned to the office in March, the notion of “the workplace of the people” has become clearer than ever before – and it’s been quite a challenge for senior
7th Apr 2022
49 minutes
Are you and your team willing to take personal risks for the sake of your company and its performance? No? Why not? Likely because there exists some element of workplace toxicity that is stifling
3rd Mar 2022
49 minutes
“Do you really care about me? Or, do you just need me to get the work done?” Such a common refrain among a frazzled workforce still weathering the COVID fallout after two years. People everywhere
22nd Feb 2022
50 minutes
The term “purpose” has been deployed superficially by companies to appear virtuous without the benefit of using it as a core operational principle. Companies that treat purpose as an existential
16th Feb 2022
49 minutes
Confidence, or the lack of it, is the ultimate deal maker or breaker, and no one is immune from its tenuous presence. Whether just starting your career or leading a large organization, and everything
10th Feb 2022
50 minutes
There is promise for a brighter future when we learn to lead by unlocking a new navigational system built on the Unfolding Path. By enacting the set of reinforcing commitments and practices that
1st Feb 2022
48 minutes
Purpose is essential to a fulfilled life. Yet, it’s not necessarily about “finding” our purpose as much as it is building a concrete web of purpose that suits our goals visions, and desires. Crafting
25th Jan 2022
50 minutes
What if we lived every day of the year as if it were Christmas as if we were Santa Claus? What if we let ourselves be called into a higher state of being that embodied love, gratitude, and giving,
31st Dec 2021
49 minutes
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